Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ode to Socks

Today we studied odes. I used the term rather loosely. I wanted the students to think of odes as something that didn't have to be too serious. We read "Ode to an Artichoke," "Ode to S'mores," "Ode to Feet," "Ode to Pablo's Tennis Shoes." Also, we viewed a keynote presentation of "What a Wonderful World" song by Louie Armstrong. The kids seemed excited. We had fun anyways. We smiled and laughed. We talked a lot about feet. I gave them an example of my ode. It was to Socks. I can't write about serious things any more. I sound like I want to be deep. And really, I come off as really an idiot. So I wrote "Ode to Socks"

Here's my final draft!

Ode to Socks
By Roberta Louise Guillemette Aakhus

Socks! Oh how I love socks...

Every morning I search...

in my basket.
in my drawer.
even, under the couch!

Socks! Oh! How I love socks!

Warm, Fuzzy, Loved

White, Black
Striped and Polka Dots

Thin, Thick
Long and Short

Wool, Cotton
Fresh and Smelly

Socks! Oh! How I love socks!

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