Friday, July 29, 2011

Looking Out for Each Other.

This weekend, mom and I are taking Missi's son - her oldest to see her down in Rochester.  Ethan has had to put up with a lot this summer.  First of all, he misses his mom.  He worries about her a lot.  And this world has been put upside down while his aunt (me) has been on his case constantly with his diabetes.  Also, I've been giving his house an extreme makeover to prepare for the sterile environment his mom will need when she gets home.  He's watched me throw out so many of his family's personal belongings.  It ain't easy being E.

A week and a half ago, my doctor recommended me not drinking Diet Coke. I've loved my Diet Coke habit for the past awww  ? 22 years?  I knew with all the health issues in my family that I'd have to give up drinking pop, so when the gastroentoeolgist recommended I quit Diet Coke, I agreed.

The next day, I was going to buy a Diet Coke - to slowly taper off my habit.  Ethan was with me..

"What are you doing?" 

"I'm buying a Diet Coke."

"uh uh uh uhhhhh....." he shook his finger at me.  He was insistant.

So, I bought some water instead - because sometimes I'm an idiot who buys water in plastic bottles.

Yesterday, Ethan stopped me as I was putting some garbage away. 

"Bobbi ?  When we go to Rochester, and I'm mad at you - could you not ask me to check my blood sugar?"

At first, I looked at him like he was crazy - because most of the time when he's owly it's because there's an issue with his blood sugar.  But then, I got it.  Sometimes, people need to be respected.  Sometimes, he must be mad that his anger is only perceived as a blood sugar issue rather than something he might have a right to be angry for. 

"Well, Ethan, I get it. Sometimes, you have a right to be angry.  What do I do if I'm really worried about you?   If there seems to be a reason you are angry with me, and it seems unreasonable, is it okay if I ask you if you think you should check your blood sugar?"


I guess he thought he won there.


Minnesota Fabrics

I have to tell you that this weekend - the 2011 Minnesota Fabrics have been release for sale - for ladies like me, to buy.

Ok ok - I admit - I don't like all the fabrics included in this batch - some of them look like those ugly couches from the early 80s -

but some of them are So gorgeous.

Love these - and they are totally random together - so what would I even do with these fabrics?  I have no idea.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Class Reunions

Aaaahhh Penelope Trunk - she got me thinking about gossip in her her latest blog post How to See the Need for Change.  She said that her friend created a chart to understand the gossip of her new Small Town in Wisconsin.

My sister's class had their twenty year reunion this past weekend - and woo wee did the gossip spill all on over facebook.  Oooooo.  Juicy stuff.  But of course, I can't tell you about it.

Unless - well - you happen to invite one of the classmates to dinner - because then, well, see you'd have to have a clue in what not to say since a lot of people around here are related.

One thing I found is that I say the wrong thing all the time.  So - then, I may tell you so you don't have to put your foot in your mouth - see where this takes me?

Luckily, our class doesn't have gossip like that.  We're perfect angels.  Just you wait and see.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Confirmed Truth

The other day I was having a conversation with my mom about rumors and gossip and their differences.

She defined gossip as "nontruths or rumors."   I define gossip as "anything you don't want the person you're talking about hearing what you just said about them."

"Whaatttt?  That's not gossip - if it's true Bobbi, it's not gossip - it's just sharing what you know - it's sharing knowledge."

Now, of course, mom doesn't think all knowledge needs to be repeated...  some knowledge can be kept to herself.  Mom won't go and repeat who is sleeping with whom with just anyone.  She's just saying that if it's true it's not gossiping.  I'm saying if you're repeating something that someone wouldn't want you to repeat then, well, that's gossiping.

This becomes my moral dilemna.  I'm a story teller by nature.  There's some mighty fine interesting stories out there - and well, there's some mighty fine stories that have come my way. The reporter I am makes me want to tell the story and make sure everyone knows how juicy it is - 

I've decided to button my lips.

It's not easy I'm tellin' ya - it's not easy.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Even Rows

I wish wish wish I was a better quilter - I'm bringing this quilt with me to quilt club tonight - and well - it has uneven rows.  I don't mind the Xs and squares being crazy - they're supposed to be somewhat crazy - it's just my sashing and posts -  oh dear!

It'll take lots of time for an imperfect girl like me to sew in straight rows. 

I had sewn the bottem blocks together and feel frustrated with the posts Part of me wants to just finish it up and not worry about those imperfections - the other part of me stares at those squares and knows they're not right. 

I'll have to bring it to quilt class tonight and ask for advice on how to keep my rows straight.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The past few days Missi has been the sickest ever. It's hard to think that we're seven hours away - but it's comforting to know that Nathan is with her.   At least someone is there washing her clothes and making sure she has everything she needs.  Of course, I tell the kids their mom is back in the hospital.  We go about our usual day in the calmest way possible.  I know they worry.

"They are keeping a close eye on mom."  I usually sneak a hug or two when they least expect it.  They pretend it's annoying - but I know they need at least their momma's baby sister to give them a hug.

One day I'll come across this blog post and remember - there were hard days with cancer.  Missi had made it look so easy.  She is bound to have some setbacks.

In early April, I took Missi in for a bone marrow biopsy.  The night before the appointment I kept having nightmares that I was taking Missi in for a bone marrow biopsy.  I'd wake up relieved it was a dream - and then, realize it was real....

There are times I have worse nightmares - and I remember my sister is strong, I say the Lord's Prayer, and I have a peaceful rest.

I wonder if Picasso would have passed the MCAs

Having a diagnosis of dyslexia in hand, doesn't automatically qualify a kid for Special Ed.  As a mandate of Minnesota law, students must be tested within the school district despite a diagnosis from a medical doctor in order to qualify for Special Education.  According to Minnesota Statutes, language has to be severely impaired to qualify for special services.  Allie's language skills are not severely impaired - they are only mildly impaired.

The good news is that Allie qualifies for Title 1.  I really like the Title teacher at our school.  Although a lot of his time is devoted to helping kids "pass the test."  He reads books with the kids and actively talks them through the reading process.  Last spring, Allie came home with the Stink series.  A lot of times, a child will get hooked with reading if they find a series they enjoy.  Harry Potter, Junie B. Jones, Stink, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Percy Jackson, Little House on the Prairie, and even the Twilight Series have done amazing things for young readers. 

After months of worrying if she was falling behind, I'm convinced I was more worried about her not passing the MCAs.  What I was a young reader, I never did well on standardized tests.  I  never understood the questions they asked of me.  I can see my own daughter having the same problems I experienced.  The major difference is the pressure placed on the teachers.

When I was in second grade, I had a hard time reading and often felt lost in the classroom.  Mrs. M, my beloved second grade teacher, had the luxury of inspiring me to want to read and not have to push me beyond my abilities.    Allie's teachers wanted to encourage her to read and inspire her to be the best she can be - but there was always an undercurrent of worry in our parent teacher conferences. 

School didn't "click" for me until I was in 9th grade.  I coasted by with Cs and Ds.  I still remember the first time I got on the B honor roll and never dreamed I ever would get on the A honor roll.  - and then, I did.

I have spent a lot of time writing about how I hate standardized testing.  As a teacher, I'm not fond of tracking students by their test score strands and seeing a score by their names.  As a young student, my teachers had the luxury of not having to watch me every step of the way.  Allie's teachers have to worry about her test score because it comes down to their reputation.  They don't have the luxury of stepping back - they have to hound her until they're comfortable with her abilities.  Unfortunately, that might take a while.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


"forgive everyone for your own sins and be sure to tell them you love them which you do"
Jack Kerouac

I think I have a grudge or two.  I'd try and think of what they were - but then, would that be helpful - would it give me a loving heart?  I'm not sure.  I think I should pray to let go of a grudge and feel forgiveness in my heart instead of caring the burden of a grudge.

I thought I had a grudge on some of the school bullies from high school - but I found that those same men, who were boys who made fun of me and my sister, were sending balloons to my sister in her hospital room or even visiting her when they were in town.  Those men were no longer boys.  They had grown up.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Norwegian Muffins

For the past ten years, I've been making Norwegian Muffins. My girls loved them.  Until one day, they decided they didn't like Norwegian Muffins.  It shouldn't have  mattered  so much to me, but it did.  This was one of my mainstays.

A few weeks ago, I decided to make Norwegian Muffins but couldn't find any muffin tins.

Is there a muffin tin thief?

So, I made it into a quick bread and called it Friendship Bread.

And wowie!  We were in business! Friendship Bread is the best thing EVA!

"Mom, when are you going to make Friendship Bread?"

So- here's the recipe

1 cup sugar
2 eggs
(whip until creamy)
Add 1 stick melted butter
(whip it up)
 Take 1 1/2 cup flour and mix it up with 1 tsp baking powder
add alternatively with 3/4 cup milk.

Before you bake, sprinkle cinnamon  and sugar on top.

Bake for 20 minutes for muffins.

I forgot how long I baked it for the bread.  Oh dear. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

While You Were Out.

I made a video and placed it on youtube for Missi to see.  We've been busy preparing Missi's home for her return - we're still waiting to find out when that will be and for how long.  But at least she's strong.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cool Stuff

Last week, Jason and I brought Allison, Mariah, and Mykayla to pick up Natalie at Lake of the Woods Bible Camp near Baudette.  It's a three hour drive.  It's long.

I love when the girls chatter.  I love to hear some of their ideas and singing.  All of the sudden, we heard

"Cool stuff!"  Mariah pointed to a lonely tree in a field.

"That is cool." Allie agreed.

"Cool Stuff!" Allie pointed to a field of mustard.  "Look at all those danelions!"

"Whooaaa"  Mariah agreed.  "Cool stuff."

We loved it.  Sometimes the kids surprise us.  We think they only want the expensive toy or to watch movies in the back of the mini-van, and here they were, finding such joy in such simple treasures.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pink Houses for You and Me

We were the girls who lived in the pink house -
across from the high school.
We ate homemade Popsicles
made from Kool-Aid
and came home for lunch
when the church bells rang.

We climbed trees in the neighborhood
and scraped our knees on our bikes.
Everyday was an adventure -
but it has to be if your the type
of girl who lives in a
pink house.