Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Speech Meet

Saturday Morning, Natalie and I woke up bright and early and headed over to Oklee for the Plummer Lion's Speech Invitational.

This is Natalie's first year in speech.

I was a judge.

I've really enjoyed hearing about Natalie's adventure's in speech over the past few months. It brings back a lot of welcome memories.

Like almost fainting in front of judges at the first meet in Fosston.

Like all the crushes on the many boys...

Like all the bus rides home - and the many jokes.

I watch my daughter experiencing Speech just like I did twenty-five years ago.  I see her developing into a confident young woman.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

On Trying

The only athletic thing I ever did in High School was try out for cheer leading.  I was in the 8th grade.We were trying out for the next year's squads.

I remember going to practice not being able to do much...  My arms were never precise enough, and I had a hard time remembering the routines.

But I practiced.  I was so sore from trying to do the splits and practicing the school song.

No matter how sore I was, my body needed the practice.  I moved in spite of the pain.

When the day of tryouts came.  I was ready.  I danced the school song with all of my heart and cheered precise and enthusiastic cheers.

I remember waiting the next day for results.

My score was a 494.  I had the highest score of any of the girls my age who tried out for the Football/Volleyball squad.  I had made Varsity the first year I had tried out.  In fact, I had outranked a would-be Senior.  I would be the only Freshman on the Varsity Football/Volleyball squad, and I was thrilled.

I cheered for two years.  My sophomore year I became captain of the squad.  After that, I would sometimes dress up as the mascot.

Now, my oldest is busy with drama and has decided to try Track on the days she doesn't have drama.  Tonight, she complained about being sore and how tough it was to run. She had drama, so she had to run on her own.
"Oh come on... Get out there and run a mile."

"Naw... I'm sore."

"Nawwwwww..." I smiled.  "I'll walk if you run."

"I'll run if you run" she dared.

So, I ran the mile.

Of course, Nat finished a quarter of a mile ahead of me.

"I can't believe I beat you." She exclaimed. "I kept stopping, and I still beat you."  

I guess she's  not a very graceful winner yet. 

"Yeah, Nat, I bet I could beat my mom in a race too."

Monday, March 19, 2012


Last week, I casually mentioned to Jason that there was a cool, looking bike in the window of the consignment shop downtown.

Jason had a light bulb moment.

For the next few days, I'd hear a tap on the window.  I'd look out our living room picture window and find an old bike excavated from the rafters in his shop.  He'd point at me and then, the bike.  I'd slightly nod my head, "maybe," and then, Jason would go back to one of his many man caves.

I've inspired a new hobby.

Jason is watching video after video on youtube, getting the facts on where to find parts.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Twenty Years

The Class of 92 is planning our twentieth reunion.


 I remember fantasizing about my Twenty Reunion and how I'd be a famous writer. I'd drive up in a limo and laugh in everyone's faces. I'd announce, "Hahahah I'm famous and have revealed everything mean you've ever said about me hahahaha. The world thinks you're mean."

 Instead, I'm sitting with my classmates bouncing off ideas on where we should socialize as I drink a Sierra Mist.

 Twenty years can change a lot. Twenty years made me realize that I wasn't the only kid who felt the way I felt. Twenty years made me realize that there probably someone out there who wants to rub my nose in my nastiness from high school.

 No one will notice what car I drive. No one will notice what car anyone drives. We'll probably notice if someone makes a big deal about the car they drive.

Songs My Momma Sang to me in the Car

When I was little, my mom liked to sing. A LOT. I thought she had such a pretty voice. Whenever we'd go places, we'd drive around in her Plymouth Duster without FM radio or air conditioning. Mom would get us singing to keep us occupied and not thinking about the heat.

I always thought my mom made this song up. It never made any sense to me.  Why would we smoke cigarettes and watch Captain Kangaroo? Seriously - that was mom's favorite thing to ask us...  if we wanted to sit around smoking cigarettes -  watching Captain Kangaroo.

I think I loved this song the most. Sigh... so loving...  I always felt mom's love the most while we were standing in the back seat as mom led us in this song.

Such a good song.

Later I would change this song for my Kool-Aid stand..

"It only takes a dime...
to buy a cup of Kool-Aid.
And if you don't like it....
You'll have to suffer because you buy it."

Mom was mad because she thought we were making fun of Jesus.

We had joy. We had fun.

This song was so deep. Tear.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Who are You in the Hundred Acre Wood?

A few years back, let's say fifteen, Jason and I sat with our friend Ken and for some reason.... thought of Pooh Bear? We thought of all of our friends at college and giggled at who reminded us of whom... For example, Ken was Pooh Bear because he liked treats. Jason was Eeyore because he didn't like anything. Another friend was Rabbit because he liked to scold... I, of course, am Tigger because I'm bouncy, flouncy, trouncy, fun fun fun! We talked about this at the Lunch Bag club, and giggled at who was like whom. Of course, it's always nice to be Christopher Robin.... and of course, there's lots of room in the Hundred Acre Wood, even if it's just the Teacher's Lounge.

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Favorite March 1st

When I was a kid, I prayed a lot.  I prayed to be rich.  I prayed to be famous. I prayed I would have a baby brother.

My prayers were finally answered when I was in 8th grade.

Missi and I came home from school one day to find my mom overjoyed.  She told us she was going to have a baby!  YAY!!!!  We jumped up and down like you wouldn't believe.  A baby.

Nathan was born March 1st, 1988.  Missi and I loved him so.  We fought constantly over holding him.  We even fought about who would change his diapers.

Often times, throughout this year, I wondered what we would have done without that crazy little brother of ours.  Mark would have had to quit his job and give up his insurance.  I would have had to raise their children full-time.  Honestly, Missi and Mark probably would have lost their house.

Thank God for our Nathan.  Thank God for answered prayers.