Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sewing with Nancy

When my Grandma Shirley was alive, her favorite show was Sewing with Nancy. Every Saturday, she had my sister or me tape the show whether grandma was on outings or even at home watching the program. Sometimes, when we'd come over she'd have us watch a segment with her.

Grandma knew all about Nancy's life. Nancy had a stroke and valiantly survived. Grandma was impressed with how Nancy could sew.

What would happen if one of us forgot to tape Sewing with Nancy? Well, Grandma wasn't so gracious. She'd hang up the phone with us and probably cuss us out under her breath.


Also, Grandma would be pissed if we would call during Sewing with Nancy. Sewing with Nancy was her special time to visit with her buddy Mary.

She'd call Mary Jane "Did you see that?"

Mary Jane called grandma; "That Nancy sure knows how to sew."

This was their conversation.

(By the Way - Nancy has/had Bells Palsey - see my comments on this post)


Anonymous said...

Nancy has Bell's Palsy, caused by an ear infection in early life.
94% recover. She's one of the 6% that don't.

Minnesotalady said...

Good thing Grandma passed. She'd be upset she was wrong. Thanks for the correction.

Anonymous said...

It was Bell's Palsy, please respect Nancy and change your page. http://host.madison.com/wsj/business/article_1671750a-2fd8-11e0-a4d1-001cc4c002e0.html

ME said...

I wonder if you read my entire post. I respect Nancy.