Friday, November 12, 2010

Three Skeleton Key

I was browsing through a seventh grade textbook in the Media Center  - I found a good scarrrrrryyyy storrrrry.....  with rats.

Ok - I frighten easily - especially of rodents - for instance.

And now

I know

why rodents
freak me
out so much!!!

I think it would be a great story to use for Predictions, Cause and Effect, and Foreshadowing - if by chance you need students to study for the MCAs -  You can get the story for free here   This is a great story for KWL reading strategy 

Also, Vincent Price narrates the creepy story in this youtube video -

If you don't have youtube available in your school - you can download it on  

It's audible not a visual presentation like the youtube video.

Wouldn't it present a great history lesson on old time radio beside the usual "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" ?

The textbook linked the story to some information on the bubonic plague - which of course, is always some light-hearted reading -

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