Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why did it take so long??

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I went on google maps tonight to see why my travels to pick up Allie's friends took so long. It seemed that my drive went on and on and took up so much time. Well, as I look at the map, I can see that my usual fourteen mile drive was a little long. And yes. Next time, they will meet at my house!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

How I Met Allison, or What I was Doing Seven Years Ago Today

Did I ever tell you about the time I met Allison?

I was due November 21, and I was big. Very big. Because Natalie had weighed 10 lbs 1 oz, Dr. Zeller wanted to do a C-section which that was great for me. I wanted Allison to have the safest delivery possible. I was worried as Natalie had broken her clavicle in birth.

I was scheduled for 10:30am November 21 for Allison's delivery.

Well, on the 20th we sent Natalie to Missi's to await the big morning. At
10:00 we sat down to watch a movie.

"Oh my gosh, I think I just peed my pants." I announced to Jason and Corey who had been visiting us.

I went upstairs to change.

We started the movie again.

"Not again."

This happened a few times until Corey piped up "Maybe your water broke."

"But I'm scheduled for tomorrow at 10:30 a. m."

It turns out that, yes indeed, it took a man to convince me I was in

The nurses checked me and told me to sleep until I started to have pains. My labor started at 2:00! At 2:30, they brought me into surgery. I remember being scared
that I would have to push her out. (they were expecting a 12 lb baby) They
were ready, but my blood pressure was raising and raising. I finally asked for Jason.

"Oh yeah... he can come in now."

My blood pressure went down after that. I remember holding his hand and it
was all better. I wouldn't have to deliver my giant girl. She was only 10
lbs 5.3 oz. She came out smiling... Allison had it made.

Things kids ask me...

Student: How come I have to learn this stuff if I already know it?

Me: Prove it.


Students: Mrs. Aakhus how come we always have to talk about you?


As I'm dancing during homeroom...

Student: That's just wrong.


Me: Has anyone here ever read Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

Student: I have.

Me: Isn't it great?

Student: No. It's boring.


Me: Has anyone ever read Stargirl?

Student: I have. I have.

Me: Didn't you just love it?

Student: Not really.

Me: Has anyone seen Horton Hears a Who?

Student: I have.

Me: Oh. Isn't it great? Great animation!

Student: Boring.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dirt and Leaves...

As I've mentioned before, I was a brat growing up. Well, we all were. I remember one neighbor who didn't like us scrambling over their yard. I think I actually threw a crab apple or two into that yard, just to show them. I wonder why they moved? Hmmm?

I used to love climbing trees. Did I mention this? I may have. One of my favorite yards in the neighborhood was the yard with the crab apple tree. My friends and I sat in the crab apple tree for hours until one of us would announce for no particular reason.

"I gotta go."

And run very quickly to their own home.

This yard also had some very tall spruce trees that I climbed. What about sap you ask? I didn't do laundry back then, silly.

One time up on that tree, one of my friends convinced me that I was invisible and no one could hear what I was saying. Just then, I saw my unsuspecting parents in our backyard across the alley. My mom was hanging clothes up on the clothesline. My dad was working up the garden.

She dared me to holler out the S word.

"Sh#t!" I hollered.

"Roberta Louise Guillemette! Get down from that tree now! Your @ss is grass!"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

School and Home

What I find the strangest part about teaching is how now kids like me. In Junior High, I was voted most popular. I was thrilled. Then, I found out it was a joke. I was crushed. I spent the morning in the bathroom.

Now as a Junior High teacher, I'm finding facebook friend requests from my students. I add them; I'm pretty wholesome on facebook.

I'm finding that Mrs. Aakhus props up in their status reports. As in, "I love it that I say big words and the only people who understand them are me and my english teacher."

I'm finding that sometimes I'm in three conversations at once. Sometimes, I have to put it away, and find myself at home in my own kitchen with my own family peeling potatoes for supper.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ten Years Ago on This Day...

I was in labor.

Actually, I started labor about 12:00 on November 6th. My water broke. I thought I peed my pants.

I changed pants and celebrated my last day of work with some co-workers. I remember having a Filet Mignon at Whitey's. It was fabulous.

Afterwards, I went home and fell asleep. When Jason came home that night, he found me still in bed miserable. At midnight, I had a feeling I was in labor.

I remember driving around Grand Forks trying to think of things to do before going in to the hospital. After fifteen minutes, we decided to call the hospital.

I remember they gave me a test, and it turned positive that my water had broken! I did not pee in my pants after all! !

Natalie June Aakhus was born at 12:08 that afternoon. After twenty- four hours of various stages of labor, I had my ten pound package in my arms.

A lot of images pass through my mind about that day.

I remember

Falling asleep between urges to push.

The expressions of the doctors and staff as she came into the world bigger than most one month old babies.

Being so cold and having nurses wrap me in hot blankets.

An intern actually yelling at me to relax as he was sewing up my tears.

My daughter crying because her mom coudn't figure out how to feed her.

The first time being hungry for normal food after nine months of constant vomiting.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ya Gotta Love 'em

I've been thinking a lot about my students lately. I'm starting to get to know them. They are starting to trust me.

For instance, CL, a seventh grader, told me he wasn't lifting his feet today as he shuffled into the room..

Why? I ask

Just because.


In art class, one of my eighth graders decided to have another friend paint his eyelids so it would appear that his eyes were open when they were shut like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Too bad when the paint was drying, his eyes started sticking. When the art teacher tried to wash it off, the paint went in his eyes, and she had to use the eye flusher.


Today, the rotory club was selling roses. Many girls were walking around with roses. I remembered back to the days when I was in high school and secretly wished for a rose.

After a long day teaching, I spent an hour with a yearbook staffer. As we were closing up shop, a student came in and brought me my very own rose. It took me twenty years, but it was worth the wait.