Monday, August 25, 2008

Ashlee Hewitt

Last night, Jason and I took the girls to see Ashlee Hewitt and Justin Gaston. Ashlee Hewitt and Justin Gaston have been playing around the area since the end of Nashville Star's Season. The girls had so much fun. Every Monday in July, we rushed home from the pool to catch the latest episode. We were rooting for Ashlee because she was from Lancaster, Minnesota. She's a friend of a friend of a friend. We loved her from the start.

The organizers from the event put the concert on the street between the hardware store and the bank. They sold a whopping 500 tickets. When we heard they were coming to Red Lake Falls, we called the hardware store and got our tickets. We ended up being front and center. I hate to brag, but we had the best tickets in the house.

We were true Minnesotans as we just sat there. We didn't get up and shake our booty at all. We sat and watched politely as they sung their hearts out. I mean.. that's how we get excited. We just don't. I tried to get things shaking a couple times... but you know, a cheerleader like me can only do so much.

I was really impressed with Ashlee Hewitt and her sister taking Justin Gaston under their wings and taking him on their tour across Northern Minnesota and North Dakota. I really dug it when he sang "Girl Just Wanna Have Fun." How awesome was that? I had a crush on him by the end of the night even if I'm about fourteen years older than he is.

However, the highlight for me is when she sang her original song "Mike's Hard Lemonade." If you watched the show, you'd know she loves to play guitar in her bare feet. By pure accident, I even got a photo of these......

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