Thursday, April 9, 2009

Five Paragraph Essay - golly gee.

So here I am. Teaching the one writing tool that is annoying to all creation... Or at least creativity. The five paragraph essay. "AAAAAAAA" I can hear Kurt screaming all the way from Thief River Falls. "DON"T DO IT."

Well gosh golly geee... I just figured they needed to write a paper.

I did not realize how hard it would be.

I'm taking their hands and one by one teaching them such a foreign and bizzare concept. It's like, how can I describe this? It's like I've come into class speaking Japanese and convincing them they can talk Japanese too.

Domo arigato. Come on... you know it... it means Thank you...

The kids are writing an argumentive essay. I want them to have depth, feeling, power. I want them to knock my sox off. You heard me. I don't want crap. For some reason, this must be included in a five paragraph essay. (YIKES)

However, I'm standing at the front of the room. I see the fear in their eyes. I see them tossing and turning in their sleep.


I give them powerpoints.

I give them graphic organizors.

I walk around the room helping them fill out the graphic organizors.

What else can a gal do?

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