Tuesday, September 15, 2009

They Should Have Written More...

My eighth grade was so mad today. GRrrrr... They were mad. I made them write a paragraph describing their favorite character from "The Treasure of Lemon Brown." How could I? What the hockey sticks am I thinking? How could I?

I swear to God. I got a couple of evil eyes.

Some ninth graders walked by and heard their belly-aching.

I smiled at one and said; "They thought they were going to have my class without writing journals."

"Yeah... that'll be the day." She laughed. "We have to write journals in ninth grade too."

The nerve.

It's like we think their thoughts are important or something.

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EDK said...

DODGE THAT EVIL EYE! It may turn you into a perpetual student with a perpetual assignment to write about the things you hate the most! Or worse, that same student with never a pen or journal with which to record your thoughts.. Gasp!

Try an assignment of only a paragraph about their favoite thing -- maybe they'll complain that one para isn't enough!