Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Little Bit of Normal

Missi has been home off and on since Thanksgiving.  We're finding out what our new normal is.  I think for the most part, her kids just like her to be home. 

With so many steriods, Missi's pancreas zonked out for awhile, so the Peterson 5 has three diabetics, now.  Even though Missi is fabulous with figuring out her children's diabetes, I had to laugh when she bought some Tootsie Rolls on the way to Rochester last week.  The next day, her nurse coordinator asked her why her blood sugars were so high.

"Prednisone."  Missi answered.

"Tootsie Rolls." I laughed.

I guess diabetes isn't so easy to adapt to when it happens to one's own self. 

Today, Missi goes back to Rochester for more appointments.  The road is long and hard, but we're glad to make the trek.  Not everyone is given such odds in the fight against cancer. 

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