Friday, February 10, 2012

On Sweeping it Under the Rug..

A teacher from an area town is in big trouble.  Newspapers are reporting that he took nude photos of a student and made them into a portfolio for her.  Afterwards, he offered to do so for her friends.

Of course, I don't know the whole story, but I see this school district did the right thing.  They risked embarrassment and bad publicity to find justice.  There are school officials out there who think of the vulnerable teen and stick up for her.

Of course, I can think of other school districts who swept such things under the rug. Unfortunately, dirt like that must come out and often, it often it does, publicly.

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Anonymous said...

A number of generations have grown up (well, grown older, anyway) unrestricted because there has been a prevailing attitude that learning proper behavior will somehow curb creativity and harm little minds.

The result? Too many unrestrained people who think ANYTHING they wish to do is acceptable. They have no sense of personal responsibility nor any sense of wrong in harming others, including youngsters.

They will do whatever they wish. After all, the world revolves around them personally -- they learned that as an oh-so-precious child without confining rules. I'm not saying children are not precious, they are. But they aren't ruined by rules and responsibilities.

Rather, like diamonds and other precious stones, they are polished by those rules and responsibilities so they can shine as they grow older and actually become grown ups in behavior as well as size.