Thursday, October 25, 2012

Getting My Teacher Groove On

It's hard to believe that two months of teaching have breezed by me so quickly.  Ok - it hasn't been a breeze.  Going back to teaching full-time has been a challenge.  I haven't always mastered this challenge with grace.  I haven't walked from school every evening with the feeling that "Oh - I made kids' lives better today."

Yesterday, I had that moment.  Finally.

Finally.  I feel like I got my teacher groove on.

The biggest help for me to get "my teacher groove" was to ask my principal for advice.  He gave me some great classroom management ideas and gave me some excellent words of encouragement without making me feel belittled or inadequate.  Having a mentor within the building makes life so much easier.

Also, I think it makes a difference to be "coachable". I hear coaches in the teacher's lounge say "Oh yeah, an excellent athlete, but that kid is not coachable.

This makes sense in teaching, too.  Kids need to be coachable, but also, teachers need to be coachable, too.  Coaches need to be coachable.

We can all improve.

I know I can.

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