Thursday, November 29, 2012

Today was a Good Day

In Practical English, We are reading Red Earth, White Earth by Will Weaver.  We are also watching An Overdue Apology, taking notes, and writing.  At first, we were only going to read the first chapter of Red Earth, White Earth.

 I'm finally finding the light bulb moment.

They care.

I had wondered if they just weren't there yet.  I had wondered if I lost them.  I had feared my lack of teaching experience with them had them lost in a wave of superficial giggles. 

They knew I care. 

They knew there were no solid answers.

So, I'm finding more Red Earth, White Earth books.  I'm ordering them and hoping they get here fast.  I have their attention.  I want to keep it.

They care. 

They have a heart along with those silly faces.  And they're giving me their's... 

The story of Guy and Tom have their attention.  They want to know more.  They understand Will Weaver's language, and it matters because the setting is less than fifty miles away.  They find every literary device.  They see the imagery, after they are reminded of what imagery is.  They have friends.  They have parents that fight.  They can smell the river.

And not only do they want to know more about Guy and Tom, they want to know more about the White Earth Indian Reservation.  And even though they might not have answers, they want to know.

They want to know? 




Yes.  Really.

They want to know.

And this is why I'm a teacher.

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