Friday, January 25, 2013

Mixing it Up

With the start of the new semester, we mixed up our seventh grade class. We switched some students  from one section and placed them into the other while keeping some in the same section.

When the students first learned that we were going to changing things up a bit, they panicked.  Did this mean that they were in a higher group?  Did this mean they were in a low group?  I had to reassure them  that we were not looking at test scores but maybe focusing on learning compatibility - which trust me, has nothing to do with learning compatibility.

We looked at how students work together. Do they allow these other students to concentrate?  Would they do better paired with this other student who would perhaps own their work and tell them to step it up?  Do they need a paraprofessional resource?

The mix was under lock and key.  I have to say that I was nervous.  I was worried that I'd have two sections that were challenging to handle instead of just one. 

And on Tuesday, when we made the switch.  I have to say.  I regretted it.  Change is hard for seventh graders.  Change is so hard.

But on Thursday, they had already forgotten there was a change.  The morning went by brilliantly.  These students have been some of the best behaved students I've seen all year.

And now,  maybe we can move on to more rewarding challenges. 

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