Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cup Hoarder

Before leaving school Thursday evening, I packed up for the weekend.  Every weekend, this is a process of throwing things out and tidying up to the best of my ability.  And as I sat at my desk my right foot hit the box under my table.


Oh - yeah - that's where my stash of used cups were.  You see, I often am so busy during the day that I forget my coffee cups all around my room and then, I don't have time to clean them...  And well, it's kind of gross, so I don't feel that the "Dishes Fairy of the Teacher's Lounge" should have to wash my dishes... and I feel so guilty..

I started putting them in a box to wash later.

But last week, I started realizing that we were running out of cups in the staff room....

So I brought the box of cups home, washed them, soaked them in bleach, and rinsed them out again.  Yesterday morning, I got to work very early and put the cups in the cupboards when no one was looking...

Good thing no one knows that I am the Cup Hoarder ---(insert evil laugh here.)


EDK said...

I read this with a grin on my face as it brought my departed mom to mind. Not that she hoarded cups, but she'd carry a cup of coffee to various parts of the house as she made beds, ironed, sewed, baked, read, and did other chores or pursued other hobbies. As she moved on to the next activity, she'd forget her empty or partially empty cups. You could piece together her day by locating her empty cups in the evening.

Thank you for sharing this item and bringing back memories. Started my day with a grin.

Roberta Aakhus said...

I'm glad my post reminded you of your mom.

I love stories like that!