Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sorry ! I threw out your crap.

Last night as Jason was painting our fourth bedroom, he asked me to find his curling slides. Jason curls ... you know the sport. The slides fit on the bottom of his feet because ice just isn't slippery enough. Fear not. I have a lot of life insurance on this boy.

As I was looking for his slides, I went through many baskets of crap. Whenever I have company I spend lots of time putting things away, but there is always a basket of crap that I have no idea what to do with. I have about twenty baskets of crap.

I emptied basket upon basket looking for his slide hoping to find it. I decided some of my items in my crap basket had to go. I feel so guilty at my waste, but even a 3600 square foot house fills quickly.

I'm sorry I had to throw away the empty black bag with a strap. I don't know what it belongs to and or to whom it belongs.

I'm sorry I threw out the holiday ashtray you gave me. I don't smoke.


You know those really cute wicker placemats you gave me because they were taking up space in your kitchen? Gone.

Sorry!! I threw out the scraps of fabric I bought. I might need them one day.

Sorry! I threw out the embroidery thread that jams up my embroidery machine.

Sorry! I threw some quilting magazines away.

I hope you're no offended that I threw out the afgan I started making two years ago and forgot about until now.

Ummm... those jeans I was going to make a quilt with... you know the ones stacked in the living room. They're gone!

And all the forgotten lip glosses? Well. They're forgotten. They didn't even exist.

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