Saturday, February 7, 2009

Poetry- its AMAZING

The School's Night of Poetry Out Loud was phenomenal. Magical. Delightful. Or to use the new word of 2009 "Amazing.." Not as though it's a new word, but it seems to be THE word for us.

I was the prompter judge. I sat in the front row and watched to see if they needed help. The kids rarely needed help.

I'm glad I wasn't one of the 'big time judges' I never would have been able to judge my students knowing what I know about them. I would have marked them all EXCELLENT. I would have marked them all AMAZING.

What surprised me the most was their support of each other. The bond all of the kids had for each other. The general atmosphere of respect. The general atmosphere of AMAZEMENT at each others' talents. Their cheering knocked my socks off.

In particular, I was dazzled by their hearts on their sleeves. They put it out their with guts. They went in front of the room and showed a part of themselves deep, innocent, and fresh.

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