Sunday, March 11, 2012

Songs My Momma Sang to me in the Car

When I was little, my mom liked to sing. A LOT. I thought she had such a pretty voice. Whenever we'd go places, we'd drive around in her Plymouth Duster without FM radio or air conditioning. Mom would get us singing to keep us occupied and not thinking about the heat.

I always thought my mom made this song up. It never made any sense to me.  Why would we smoke cigarettes and watch Captain Kangaroo? Seriously - that was mom's favorite thing to ask us...  if we wanted to sit around smoking cigarettes -  watching Captain Kangaroo.

I think I loved this song the most. Sigh... so loving...  I always felt mom's love the most while we were standing in the back seat as mom led us in this song.

Such a good song.

Later I would change this song for my Kool-Aid stand..

"It only takes a dime...
to buy a cup of Kool-Aid.
And if you don't like it....
You'll have to suffer because you buy it."

Mom was mad because she thought we were making fun of Jesus.

We had joy. We had fun.

This song was so deep. Tear.

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