Sunday, March 11, 2012

Twenty Years

The Class of 92 is planning our twentieth reunion.


 I remember fantasizing about my Twenty Reunion and how I'd be a famous writer. I'd drive up in a limo and laugh in everyone's faces. I'd announce, "Hahahah I'm famous and have revealed everything mean you've ever said about me hahahaha. The world thinks you're mean."

 Instead, I'm sitting with my classmates bouncing off ideas on where we should socialize as I drink a Sierra Mist.

 Twenty years can change a lot. Twenty years made me realize that I wasn't the only kid who felt the way I felt. Twenty years made me realize that there probably someone out there who wants to rub my nose in my nastiness from high school.

 No one will notice what car I drive. No one will notice what car anyone drives. We'll probably notice if someone makes a big deal about the car they drive.

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