Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Shopping

I love to go Christmas Shopping. I love buying presents for other people. I love to think about them and think what they could use, what they love, and what I'd love for them to have. Earlier this month, I asked the girls what they wanted for Christmas.

Allison wanted an easy bake oven. Sure they seem fabulous - but - yeah... So I bought her some cake mixes, frosting, and sprinkles. Allie also wanted earings,a sewing kit, for barbie doll clothes, and a wii game. Nat bought Al earings. Santa bought her the sewing kit and the wii game. I bought her doll furniture for her doll house, some jeans and of course, pajamas.

Natalie wanted Art supplies. So I went to Michaels and did the best I could. Those supplies are spendy. I also bought her the cake mixes, frosting, and sprinkles, jeans, and jammies. Santa gave her the sewing kit and the new Harry Potter movie.

Jason wanted pocket ts and socks... Santa got him the socks. I got him pajama bottoms, pocket ts, and a nice shirt from Eddie Bauer.

While I was at Eddie Bauer- I noticed a beautiful red wool coat. I had been looking for a new winter coat - and there it was. And boy, did it look sharp on me. So into the bag it went. They even gave mea gift box. And there it was under the tree- from me to me.

I never knew wool could be so warm.

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Sarah said...

I like this post. A lot. SOOOO you.