Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Bobcat

When we took the kids sledding, J and I noticed a great big cat. It was a big orange cat. We watched it and said "Woah."

I knew it was a bobcat. It was fun to watch it spring on it's prey. I thought it surprising the bobcat wasn't afraid of us and our loud noises didn't seem to bother it.

I called my dad and told him about the bobcat we saw. He told my mom and my mom insisted we call the DNR. She was pretty upset - a bobcat by the school.

I called the sherrif's department like my civic duty called for and told them about the bobcat.

"We'll get right on that."

Jason drew me to the computer "Ummm this is a bobcat?"

"Huh? Well the cat did look like a bobcat."

"Are you sure?"

"Well - maybe it was a mix?"

Later, I got a phone call from a church lady. I remembered she lived by the school. I asked her about the cat.

"Oh - that's not a bobcat that's Dale's cat. It's pretty big."

"ohh... I got a few calls to make.... see ya later."

I had to call back the sherrif's office, my mom, my friends, and my sister.

I had just made a concerned citizen call regarding a pet.


lectrixie said...

You're such a good citizen!! :)

Minnesotalady said...

That I am dear - that I am!