Friday, March 5, 2010

MCA Outrage

As part of standardized testing - I have to review the next few weeks -
we've been looking at analogies and reading short pieces with multiple choice options- grrrr...

I try to point out that the short pieces can be interesting if you set your mind to - oh what can I learn about this topic? (for example making maple syrup)

Knowing more is always better - it gives the kids some background knowledge on life - of course it's not my style to just have kids read and then answer multiple choice questions - but now, my days are spent teaching to the test- is this tickin' kids off - yup - should it? yup!

I had to laugh yesterday as one kid called out

"Another lame worksheet from Mrs. Aakhus"

I love how a five minute reminder worksheet causes so much outrage.

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TeacherScribe said...

Teaching to the test is what has gotten us in this predicament. It's the fault, not of teachers, but short-sighted administrators who wouldn't know what it was like to teach a day if their lives depended on it.

Sorry for your plight.