Thursday, May 20, 2010


Boys and Girls of ALL ages - I must remind some of you of the rules.

1. Be KIND. There is no reason to cut in line - that even means cutting another driver on the S-curves on your way to work in Thief River - hmm. hmmm....

2. Don't talk in class - Darn it you're distracting the other kids - errrrr... or even me in the middle of this great story.... This of course means to NOT TALK the movie theater - wait for the scene to end - don't ask ME what is going to happen next.

3. RESPECT others and yourself = DON"T LITTER = NO spitballssssss... PEOPLE I hate finding spitballs on my shelves and floors of the classroom. Also - in my ditches along the gravel roads - pop cans - beer cans - long strange balloons that I'm in denial about.

4. FORGIVENESS is the same as KINDNESS - if someone apologizes.... try really hard to forgive - put yourself in their shoes. THINK BEFORE you start the fight on the playground/bar/church picnic.

5. THERE are problems and there are REAL PROBLEMS - one will affect your ego - the other will effect your safety, finances, marriage, or home. THIS again counts on the FORGIVENESS item.

Thanks - Let's follow these rules - I'll add more as I see fit.

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