Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things KIds Write on My Yearbook-

I giggle at the inscriptions of my yearbook - kids - who's their English teacher anyways? Maybe you'll get a giggle or two also!

"Mrs Aukus, You're the funnest teacher I've had. I'm going to miss you."

"Good luck."

"Hope to see you next year!"

"Bye Mrs. Aukus You are the best. See ya"

"I will miss you so much. You were the coolest"

"Have a great somer. Im gona miss you"

"This was a realy fun year, its gunna be sad without you here."

"by by"

"L.J. is awesome!!!"

"I luv you. You are the best!"

"The nuns Are watching"

Of course, I didn't ask the kids who I've given detention to write in the yearbook.

Those inscriptions would read -

"C ya wouldn't want to be ya!"

"Boo hoo for you!"

"The yearbook was lame!"

"You have favorites."

"Chuck Norris stinks like sour milk."

So, I didn't ask those kids - obviously.

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