Monday, November 21, 2011

Homeward Bound

Missi and Nathan are on their way home for a week.  Dad is driving them home.  Missi is on her 82nd day after her transplant.  After a bonemarrow transplant, a patient usually stays 100 days within the area of where the procedure took place so the staff and doctors can closely monitor their patients.  These 100 days are the most crucial with the grafting of bone marrow of donor and patient - and most likely a patient will experience Graft v. Host setbacks.

It's a relief to know Missi is on her 82nd day - and know that the worst is probably behind us.  We didn't realize that marrow patients may experience Graft V. Host disease for the rest of their lives.  The story doesn't end after 100 days, and the happily ever after is a bit different than what we envisioned as little girls in flannal pajamas dreaming of our futures as our dad tucked us in at night. 

But, I guess there's a lesson in here somewhere. My spirit is a bit tired, but it's not defeated.  The seven month marathon of life without Missi will end - and our ideas of priorities will continue to change.  We'll be just so dang glad to be alive.

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