Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thinking on thinking.

My school year has been going pretty smoothly. Teaching Spanish has been an intellectual challenge that I adore.  I've decided that even though I adore my Spanish book - it's too difficult for most of my students.  They introduce things at step five and steps one through four will need to be addressed within my own "learning activities."

I have to sit and think about how my students think.  I have to recognize the hurdles they will have before they get to those hurdles.  Today, we are testing on our grammar portion of Chapter Two  - and well, I have a feeling that they haven't put the time into understanding the material.  Is this my fault?  Of course not.  I still feel the need to find a way to inspire that they study their notes a bit more -

I'm thinking on how they think - and how they learn -

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