Sunday, January 17, 2010


So my newest obsession is Skins. It's a BBC production. This week, I've watched the entire first season on my Netflix account. Jason started watching it with me, but all the f-bombs hurt his ears - so that'll warn you. If you don't like a lot of f-bombs do not put this in your queue.

This series is about the lives about some really confused teens and their really confused parents. Some of the parents have a few redeeming qualities. But, the only thing good in the teens' lives is their friendships.

At first, I wondered if these teens were exaggerated. Then, I realized their lives are not that exaggerated. There are some kids whose lives are this awful. I can think of some of my friends in these situations. I can think of certain predicaments and realize that these writers are painfully honest.

Even though the teens can do horrible things to each other and themselves, the writers are phenomenal at tempering the seriousness with humor. The humor is what clenched it for me. I love a good dark comedy after all.

I realized how much I loved this series after watching the final scene from the first season.

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