Monday, January 25, 2010


This morning, my girls got the call at 6:00. I got the call at 6:30. There were loud cheers throughout the house. I had brought a bunch - a bunch of students' work home to be graded and had been sick almost the entire weekend. So, this was the perfect day to catch up. HOORAY!

Out of five classes, I have three of those grades posted.

I noticed that a bunch - I mean like 25% of my 8th graders hadn't turned in their Anne Frank Review Packets. OUCH.

It brought their grades down from Bs to Ds from As to Cs. When I called some, no one answered their phones. You'd think they'd be at home? It was a SNOW DAY after all.

I wonder how many of those students will be at my desk Wednesday morning pleading to hand those papers in. They'll want to find me then, eh?

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