Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Auntie Bobbi's Food Revolution -part 2

E was angry with me for many days after the diabetes appointments.  My oldest was angry with me.  Oh - I hadn't realized the love of Junk Food at my house until now.  Mykayla- the littlest diabetic, just took whatever choices I gave her in stride.  Mariah, Missi's middle daughter, cheered the changes. 

"Now, we'll all eat like Grandpa Moe." 

My dad watches everything he eats.  He walks to work whether it's 100 degrees or -30.  He buys me apples, oranges, and pears.  My dad is a health food warrior in a world full of junk food slouches.

Once Mariah started cheering the revolution, Allison did too.

Ethan and Nat were not on board.

They snuck food and complained about me not so secretly behind my back. 

"We're not even fat.  Geez - why do we have to do this?"

I should have given them each a 12 minute time out - but I was too tired to remember how to parent.

That weekend, Jason and I took our girls to see Missi in Rochester.  My mom, dad, Mark, and Mark's mom shuffled the kids between them as Mark worked at the Sherrif's office as a part-time deputy.  Ethan's sugars ran extremely high over the weekend.

Turns out he had been sneaking cookies.  A lot of cookies.  And didn't give himself insulin to cover it.  It took a while for him to admit to his sneaky ways as mom and dad worried about his sugars that were close to 600.  Finally, he admitted he had goofed.  Big time.

That Sunday night, Ethan spent the night at my house.  We talked about what we had learned.  He was ready to argue with me regarding junk food - I stopped him.

"Do you like yogurt?"


"Don't you like ham sandwiches?"


"You like oranges?"

"Uhhhh yeah?"

"You like string cheese and nuts?"

He nodded.

"Then, why are we fighting?

He didn't have an answer for me.  So, I went on with my little speech.

"Your uncle doesn't think you should listen to Eminem, does he?"

Ethan started complaining about that..

I interrupted him.  "How about Eminem be your guilty pleasure?  He's low- carb- no -junk food.  Since you've been listening to him, you still do everything I ask you to. I'll tell Nathan to leave you alone about Eminem - as long as you follow my rules on the junk food."

He agreed.

And you know what?  We saw his doctor on Tuesday, the 7th.  His blood sugars were everywhere - any where from 66 to 599 until the 5th. After that, His sugars evened out from 70 to 150. 

We cheered.  Of course, we told Dr. Sondrol about Auntie Bobbi's Food Revolution - and she cheered. 

We don't have control over a lot of things in life.  Ethan's and Mykayla's eating habits didn't give them diabetes.  --- Missi had no control over her leukemia.

Since the 5th, Ethan's blood sugars have evened out so much that they only went slightly over 200 once. 

We do have control over our nutrition.  We can help our bodies out as much as possible - and I think I have at least one more person on board with me.

(My dad's name is Robert - I tried to start calling Mariah - "MOERIAH" and dad started calling her Moe -and she started calling him "Moe" - so now, Allison, Mariah, and Mykayla call my dad Moe.  ha!)

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