Wednesday, December 7, 2011

OH - Chapter Three

Dear Chapter Three,

I am just a lowly Spanish teacher in the cold of Minnesota trying so hard to help my students learn twenty-three new verbs.

I realize Chapter Three that you a pretty excited to have students learn so much in BAM! those twenty pages, but I'm finding that most students are scared and unsure of themselves after having to just learn only one verb in Chapter 2, the verb tener.

I stress over and over how learning a language involves study every night And I know, they don't study their vocabulary every night.  I know that most of the learning takes place in the classroom. I was like that, too.  When I was their age, I was a bit ditzy myself.  But, Chapter Three, you confuse even the brightest kids in the class and golly gee - sometimes even me.

We are learning about AR verbs, and I knew that I had to learn something from my teaching experiences last year.  Chapter Three, you  assume that kids have more background knowledge and assumption skills.  You forget on page 95 that it doesn't introduce the AR verbs found on page 100 until page 100.  Got that?  Oh dear Chapter Three.

Chapter Three, if it wasn't enough to teach students twenty new AR verbs, why did you throw in ir, dar, y estar? And again, there are those questions on page 95 that assume we know what you will teach us on page 102. 

I'm sorry to tell you this, but Chapter Three, I had to lay you off for the last two weeks and make my own materials.  These materials included verb charts and tranlsation sentences - and dare I say - sentences the students wrote on their own. 

At the end of the week, we may find ourselves back within your pages.  I just hope you have learned your lesson. 

La seƱora Aakhus

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