Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Picasso

School is more difficult for some.  I'm so glad that my dyslexic's teachers have compassion for that.  Over the past three months, her academic, self-esteem has soared.  Grades have steadily climbed. There are actual As from spelling tests on our refrigerator. 

Our little one is involved with Title - she goes to a specific teacher who helps her target reading skills. This teacher stopped me in the hallway one day last week and told me that he was so happy to report that he has been so proud of her progress, too. She has went from "Echo Reading" to more fluent reading.  At home, she is always quoting his strategies and telling me what they are doing in class.

In fact, she quotes all of her teachers, and they all have been so patient as her brain tries to find different connections to learn to read.  Reading better means better success in the coming years.  Thank God for those teachers - what would she do without them?

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