Monday, December 5, 2011

Quilts for Kids

Hooray Hooray!  Snip-n-Stitch Quilters have surpassed last years 45 Quilts for Kids with 53 this year!  Hooray!  It took me a while to spot my quilts within the picture and sure, my sewing still leaves much to be desired - but I keep on sewing - it improves ever' year.  Maybe one day I won't be embarassed by my sloppy stitches - and it may even help that I started using reading glasses to quilt and stitch my materpieces!  (Oh dear - bifocals are not far off  I'm afraid )

I was a bit late for this years send off so I missed the opportunity to be photographed, but I wanted to share this picture because I just love all of these quilters so much!

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