Monday, August 3, 2009

Modeling their School Clothes

Saturday, my mom and I took the girls school shopping. I told the girls they each had a budget of $150 for this trip.
The girls took their budget very seriously. Our first stop was at Moorhead's Herberger's. The girls decided on the legging. They were $15 for two pair!!! The best part is that Moorhead is in Minnesota - no sales tax on clothing!!! The SALES! Woot woot!!!

The next stop was at Justice. We had a coupon for 40% of our entire purchase! Which we were totally into! The thing about Justice is that it is totally overpriced!! BIG TIME. So it was like were were paying normal prices at a normal store.

The girls had just enough left over to go to Macy Penny's (J.C. Penny's) for jeans. The best part was the escalator's. We don't have those in Red Lake Falls. We don't even have a stop light!!

Sunday night, the girls put on a fashion show for their dad. We sat on the couch and they walked in and strutted in their new threads! So pumped for their new fashion!!!!

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