Friday, August 28, 2009

People I Think are Totally Awesome...

Hey there are some awesome people in the world who do awesome things.

1. Foster parents - the kind who dress their foster children cutely. The kind that tucks kids in at night and hold their hands when they are scared. Not the kind who make them wear sweatsuits in July and never let them out to play.

2. Grandmas - they can teach you how to sew, crochet, knit, tat, and make lefse.

3. Teachers - ok... I know I'm a teacher, but hey... the situation is that I'm a teacher because I had awesome teachers like Mr. G., Mrs. Harren, Mr. Amundson, Mr. Derosier, Dr. Drake, and so, so many more. I also love my daughters' teachers. They are the cat's meow! Teachers are always thinking of ways to make kids' lives better. I admire that.

4. Doctors- especially the ones that saved Jason's life when he took allergy shots and went into anaphaltic shock. OH! And the doctors that have not told me I was a freak when I was worried about my girls' asthma - yeah those doctors are awesome too.

5. Friends - what would I do without them? They inspire me to be a better person everyday. They cheer me on. They tell me when I'm wrong.... I guess I'm wrong sometimes or something.

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