Friday, April 16, 2010

Budget Cuts - Is the Recession Really Over?

I've known for the past two weeks that my job is being eliminated due to budget cuts. School districts everywhere are facing cuts. In fact, the school board in Crookston is facing cuts of 1.5 million dollars.
I am slowly sifting through the materials in my desk deciding which materials are mine and which belong to the school. When my boss first told me of the cuts, I felt as though I was going through a divorce - and the school gets the kids. Slowly, I'm feeling better. I


EDK said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you're losing your position at Fosston. I know you'll miss it.

In answer to your question, "Is the recession really over," my opinion is: no, it's just beginning. The only way for the government to pay for its wild spending is hefty tax increases. Whoever gets to pay those taxes (businesses or individuals), the result is a poor economic atmosphere, especially with expected high inflation rates due to printing money faster than a corrupt politician runs from a Fox newsperson.

A common adage: If your friend loses their job, it is a recession; if you lose your job, it is a depression.

May you find a position in which you can be happy and secure. Blessings upon you and your family as you face this change in your lives.

Minnesotalady said...

That's really nice. I'm going to miss the kids a bunch.