Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Cheese Touch..

A few weeks ago, we went to the movie "Diary of A Wimpy Kid," and I gotta tell you this show - it has its moments. I love the cheese touch, but I don't want the cheese touch.

I hafta say... there are kids in this movie who remind me of my classmates, my daughters, my students, and even of myself.

The characters crack me up - I mean Greg - what a lovable jerk!

Rowley - the perfect best friend!

Patty = aaaaa = scary girl!

Freagley - Watch out for that mole!

These books have been some of my favorites to recommend as a teacher. Jeff Kinney has an excellent voice that brings laughter and dread to any middle schooler or past middle schooler. I can't think of any kid bringing back the book and saying "Lame." They've all smiled and giggled as they've returned it back to my desk.


EDK said...

Gotta see this - I'm a sucker for kid's movies.

Minnesotalady said...

It's so good! But I like everything!