Sunday, April 18, 2010

Junior High

What surprises me the most about junior high kids is how it matters so much who they sit by. I mean, they have a heart attack if they don't sit by their best friend. They have a heart attack if they are grouped with some boy they consider to be a nerd. I guess I remembered that now that I think about it. You know, you want to be grouped with the people your comfortable with - but - that is why I assign groups - I assign seats - because well - it's important to get to know everyone - to give everyone a chance. I mean - don't we all have to get used to sitting by someone we don't get along with at some point. We have to be polite -

But the thing is - this polite thing - is really hard for them.

"oooo no - I have to sit by her" one boy calls out "She has a crush on me."

For cryin' out loud! These words were spoken at the top of his lungs.

This poor girl had tears in her eyes. I told him to "Shush" and took him outside while he got the "OH my gwarsh - was there a better way of doing this" speech.

But then, we had a teachers in-service. Teachers were saving spots for their best friends. Seriously. You couldn't sit next to Y because she was holding a spot for X. Seriously folks. I went and sat where I knew I'd be welcome - just like any other seventh grader would do.


EDK said...

So did I get this right? Teachers in our schools are trying to teach youngsters to act better than they themselves can manage?

Why, goodness, seems thay are doing exactly what parents are doing!

Considering all, it doesn't seem that it is working out too well. The behavior of each generation does not seem appreciably better than that of the previous.

But on the plus side, not a lot worse, either.

Minnesotalady said...

I know - I know -

The irony of it all never dies on me...