Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Long Way Home

We had our first snow storm yesterday.  I was driving very slowly on my way home from school when I got a call from Missi.  It had seemed that Mykayla, my preschool niece,  had decided to take the bus to my house.  Missi had the office call the bus and tell Natalie and Allison to wait for Missi at the end of the driveway so she could pick her munchkin up.

Only -

They discovered Mykayla wasn't on that bus.

So - can you imagine the panic ripple that swept across Red Lake County for the next five minutes?

Where was this four-year-old with a pink tog hat?

 It turns out some of her preschool friends wanted her to take the bus with them.  So, she did.  She was in Brooks.  I was on my way home about a mile from the bus.

I convinced the driver to turn around and bring the little elf with pink hat and boots to me. 

I asked my little friend, "Where you scared?"

She smiled brightly.  "No - I didn't go on the wrong bus Bobbi.  I just wanted to ride with Ava and Tristan."

That reminded me of someone I used to know.

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