Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stuff I'm Gettin' YOU for Christmas.

The Potty Patch!! You'll never miss  the good parts of whatever is on T.V.

Now, your mom can cut your hair without making a mess.  No more hair shards falling down your shirt!!

Wooo wee!

Harriet Carter's website offers a book for some advice for people who like to complain about their health problems.  You know the type.  I know the type.  They are the people who are always sicker than you/me and anyone else in the room.

How not to act like a little old lady is packed with tips and advice to help aging adults stay young at heart. Want to make your golden years more fulfilling, fun and meaningful? Stop acting your age and start thinking young! This lively book is full of ways to enrich each day, be happier and approach life's ups and downs.

Of course, My mom already has one... but I'm thinking of giving my sister this...

Mostly because she won't know why I keep giggling as she thanks me.

I want to get one of these for my dad because that's "Just" the kind of guy he is.

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Anonymous said...

I'm loving the Shake Weight and in my opinion this is the one true gift that will keep on giving and giving. Imagine the laughter in the house as grandpa tries this out!! Thank you for sharing!