Monday, December 6, 2010


When my yearbook girls were getting ready for college last spring, I had to bite my tongue.  I REALLY wanted to share my college horror stories of my crazy room mates I had my first year of college.

Of how, when I opened my door to my dorm room.... there was a big pile of undies draped across what would be my bed.

"Spray it."  mom said to the ding dong and handed her a can of Lysol.  "That's gross."

Her boyfriend was a football player for our college and would call every two hours to be sure she was in the dorm and not "sneaking" around on him.

I put in a transfer notice.

My second room mate was a neat freak who's dad had been caught window peeping.  He was a sex offender.

"Totally unfounded." she assured me.

I put my request for my own room.

Thank goodness it came in the clear within a week.

So - yeah - I didn't share those stories - though they may have been funny.  Maybe they'll have a few stories of their own to tell me one day!

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