Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's a Mystery (quilt)

Our quilting club is on to a new project.  I'd say that I was pretty proud of the fact that we donated forty quilts to our local salvation army for Christmas presents for needy children in the area, but my quilts were a little lopsided and goofy looking.  Sigh..  Maybe the kids won't notice?

I can only hope.  I like to think I give it my best shot - but ya know what?  I'm not a natural.  Sewing doesn't come easy to me.  My seams are not the perfect 1/4 that others have seemed to perfect.  (no pun intended or maybe it was?)

Now, we are making a mystery quilt.  So, at the last meeting we were instructed to find 15 fat quarters, One contrast fabric, one nuetral fabric, and some sort of backing.  I decided to use batiks - because they are so purdy.

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