Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Lesson a Day

At the end of the day as I fall to sleep after my evening prayers, I try to think of what lesson I learned for the day.  Mostly every night, I think "I will not think mean thoughts about people.  I will not be judgmental."

I'm finding the lesson hard.  My inner language is so hard to fight.  My patience wears thin.  My brain has not convinced my mouth to lighten up.

All those people I'm judging in my brain - may just  have faced the hardest day of their life.  Whatever struggle that person is facing - I do not need to know the struggle - I just need to assume that the person I'm annoyed with might be having one of those days, one of those weeks,  one of those months, or  one of those decades.

And instead of  being annoyed with them for being short or rude with me, I just need to move on and send them kindness and compassion..

Slowly, I find myself become less judgmental and more kind...  It's just such a slow process..

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