Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moving with Mrs. A.

This afternoon, a past student caught me on facebook.

"Hey - you still teachin' in Oklee?"

"uhh?  yeah? why?"

"I"m goin' there."


"Cuz you're there."

"Well... but... what if I'm not next year?"

"Yeah - but I hate this school.  The principle (that's how he spelled it) is mean."

"Yeah - well, principals need to do their job. Are you in trouble a lot?"

"I'm always gettin' suspended for piddly things."

"Why would you get in trouble?"

and then.... he was gone.  He probably snuck on the computer because he was suspended and wasn't supposed to be on the computer and his mom came in right then.

Of course, I'd love to see this kid again.  Even if he was naughty for me too.  I bet he'd do just fine in our school system, too...  Our school system has a knack for kids like him.... 

Sometimes, kids do need a fresh start in a new school system, a chance to start fresh with new teachers, but I just hope that they take the lessons learned from previous teachers.  Sometimes, I remember feeling like hitting my head up against the wall because students just didn't want to go with the flow - and sort of look for trouble.

Hopefully, they don't go and find it in the next school

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