Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back to Class

It's always so hard to go back to class after a long holiday.  Monday morning, I hopped in my car and looked down at the thermometer and saw "-26"  YIKES! It made going back twice as hard.

I'm not quite sure why going back is hard because I LIKE my job.  I love teaching Spanish, and the kids in my classes are getting used to the idea that I'm staying.

"Mrs. Aakhus?  Do you think you'll come back next year?"

All I can say is "I hope so."

I'm loving that my Spanish is improving and that I can watch some movies and understand the movies --  but with Spanish subtitles while watching with the Spanish language turned on.

We watched

in Spanish 2 in Spanish...  Do you know how absolutely cute it is to hear "Rrralphie!" with that trilled R!  oh!  how simply cute.

I love that. 

At this point last year, I never thought I'd tell you "I want to teach Spanish."  And I guess,  that's funny how that works out sometime how life just happens to us while we're making other plans - oh - I know that's cliche' - but it's just how it is.

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