Thursday, January 13, 2011

So, You're Giving My Kid a D?

Don't worry.

It's just an equation.  I know my child is bright and they tried hard in your class and for objective reasons, the equation didn't give them an A.

I know my child is a class-A act.  She's brilliant.  Yes,  I know  her test scores show that she only obtained about 67% of the points assigned to the work you've given her, but I'm glad we both agree that is only based on nine weeks of class work and that learning outside the classroom is important too.

So, don't worry.  I know you worry about my child.  I know that you are not out to get her and would love if all students could earn the A they deserve - and yet look, there are As - in music, math, and writing. 

I know that other parents pressure you when they get their child's report card to change the grade more to their liking - and gripe about it to other parents. 

But don't worry - that parent won't be me.

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