Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Brief Homecoming.

 Missi came home!  Even if for just a brief while, she got sit with her babies and watch a movie in her own house.s  She was able to see the changed we made throughout her house.  She was able to buy tennis shoes with the girls for school. 
Of course, she won't be there for Ethan's football games this fall or Mykayla's first day of Kindergarten. And I know she wants to be sure Mariah's hair is de-tangled.  I know that hurts for her, and I seem to forget that all the time. I forget until it's time to leave and how hard it is to leave.  

I have to keep reminding myself that Missi will be here for Mykayla's graduation, Mariah's softball games, and Ethan's golf meets. 

When Missi came home, she had Mark drive her around town.  She reported to me every house that was for sale - and noticed any additions any of her neighbors had made.  I hadn't noticed. I hadn't realized how much Missi missed the town.  Our town is such a pretty little town, and you wouldn't believe the colors in the fall.  I guess I would miss the town too.

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