Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time Travel

I had a rough morning yesterday.  Ethan's insulin pump was acting up and he was running very high.  He was lying low while the girls and I cleaned like crazy.  After lunch, my mom took the Peterson girls to the dentist.

My windows in my room were open.  The humidity had finally dropped to 43%, and the breeze was amazing. I decided to lie down on my bed and close my eyes for just a few minutes.

I was totally relaxed.  Suddenly, the sounds from outside reminded me of the when I'd lay down for a nap back when I was a kid.  The smell of a house being tidied up.  Cars driving by,  birds chirping, and squirrels arguing.  I felt like I was five. - Before ever having a job, children, having a spouse, or ever having to worry about other people's medical health.

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