Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good luck with that one!

After being not finding my paperwork, I decided to get my fingerprints taken. The security office is on the other side of campus so I walked. I always have so many fabulous memories on the walk through campus. I think of the dorm rooms and the silly fights and the silly parties we had. 11:00pm... Life was just starting back then. Seemed like the perfect time to make a pie run at Perkins. Fast forward 14 years later. I'm in my flannel jammies, watching re-runs, and writing in my blog.
I noticed birds eating worms in the grass and a little gray bunny rabbit under the deck of a building. I wanted to pick her up. And, I remember, Oh yeah... "I'm allergic." The trees only had buds. Parents were touring campus with their graduating seniors.... wanting to meet their student's advisers. Poor advisers....

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