Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tooth Fairy

Last night, Allison put her tooth under her pillow. She had her tooth in a special treasure box she got from the dentist. Allison's tooth wasn't leaving. It wanted to hang out it in her mouth a little longer than usual. Allison's permanent tooth was growing crazy and towards her tongue. Allison hates the dentist. Sorry. She really hates the dentist.

I picked her up from school. She walked alongside me with her braids and polka dot tights.
"Mom. Is it going to hurt?"
"Ummm... I hope not."
"Mom. I don't want to go."

The dentist took one look and said; "Yep she's takes after Grandpa Bob."

He put the laughing gas on her nose, and she whimpered with fear. He gave her the nummer for the shot, and she gagged. It was not pretty.

When the doctor pulled out her tooth, we saw that her baby tooth still had a root. Uff.

It was suggested that the tooth fairy be a little more generous than usual.

She was.

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