Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Jason, the girls, and I went to Bergeson's for trees on Monday. We got two pear trees, ten Black Hills Spruce, and one grape vine. I'm just sitting around waiting for my pears to grow. That's four years. Four years. A long wait.

How long will it take for those Spruce to grow? How long will it take for me to be able to climb those trees? I'm not sure. As I fell asleep last night, I told Jason how happy I was that we had trees in common. We both love trees. I asked him if he'd like to climb trees with me. He laughed; "Of course."

There are a few trees in our yard that Jason wants to take down. I told him I'd like to climb them and saw off the branches like my dad did at his house. J. thought I was absolutely nuts.

"Why not wait until it's already felled?"

I sighed; "Why not?" and rolled over started reading "Smart Dog." ( A book recommended by Natalie)

Jason giggled and fell asleep.


While Monday was for trees, Saturday was for plants. I maneuvered thirty tomato plants out of Eckstein's Greenhouse. Jason asked what we were going to do with thirty tomato plants. Every year, he is surprised with my love for tomatoes and peppers. Maybe next year, he'll just count on his lovely wife picking out about thirty tomato plants and twenty green peppers.

This year, I didn't go nutso on the flowers. I just let the girls pick some out. I picked a couple out, but really the tomatoes and peppers are my priority.

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